Sunday, August 1, 2010

X-Ray To My Soul 071910

X ray to my soul

March 2010

I walk now with a cane

My words may seem to some inane

But I just can’t stop them from running thru my brain

People ask me to explain

The facts are painted and are quite plain

This life has filled me full of pain

But I refuse to let it render me insane.

There are things that I remember

I cannot say out loud

So I bury them in a riddle with the words that I write down

They’re hidden in plain view

In technically precise

Vibrant hues

My bones cry out for truth justice

My bones cry out for healing to be known

My bones cry out for love

Down to the marrow

In my youth my escape became

Alcohol and LSD

It was just a way of life for me

Is this life a hallucination?

I feel such alienation

I’ve been ostracized, censored, gagged and despised

With the mysteries on the canvas

The buried body, the howling dog

The fish woman and the harlequin

I’ll stitch my self inside my own skin

I’ve said all the truth that I have known

With a fearless x-ray to my soul

Copyright 2010 S. Alan Dyson